Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burglary Suspects Caught

From the Sherriff's Community Advisory Council regarding an attempted burglary:

"I just heard from Captain Blow at the Altadena Sheriff Station that 2 men have been arrested within the last hour attempting to break into a home on New York Drive.

They knocked on a door with a flyer of a lost cat saying they were looking for their cat. Luckily the homeowners were: (1) at home (2) knew the owners of the cat and knew these guys had nothing to do with the cat owners (3) called the station immediately (4) had a security camera showing the 2nd guy trying to pry open a window. This makes a good case!

Again, the Captain wants everyone to know - if there is anyone suspicious knocking on the door or in your neighborhood, CALL THE STATION @ 626-798-1131 and report it. Best if you ask for the watch commander to get immediate action.
We have the station number programmed into our phone and a sticker on each phone with the number, suggest you consider the same."

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