Monday, December 31, 2007

Animal Noise Complaints

I've heard from several neighbors about the increase of barking dogs. A neighbor offers this link:

Animal noise complaints (etc.) for our area can be made online at

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry for the delay in posting. I took a quick trip to see family at Thanksgiving. If you've got info for the blog, let me know.

MFSC Update

The Meadows FireSafe Council continues to move forward. We're in the proverbial "waiting for the check in the mail" phase.

After the presentation last month at the townhall meeting, residents whose properties were assessed received, or were sent in the mail, the findings of the assessments. We've received many responses within the deadline of the mailing and will concentrate on those responses.

After the vendor was secured for clearance of brush around the neighborhood, there was only so much money left to handle work within the neighborhood. The MFSC proposed that we use the remainder of the funds to remove trees within The Meadows that hinder access for emergency vehicles or are dead or diseased. As for trimming of trees and vegetation, there was not enough funds left over to handle that work too. So, it was recommended that the homeowner talk to the vendors to secure anticipated discounts.

We have until the end of February to use the grant funds. We're proceeding through some delays at the State level in obtaining the funds but have been assured that we'll receive them before the expiration of the grant.

Planning for next year is already underway. We can apply for another grant for 2008-2009. The plan would be to continue the brush clearance work along with expanding the work within The Meadows to include trimming and replacement of trees. If you're interested in participating, please let me know.

December Newsletter

As you've noticed by now, a December Meadows Newsletter was not published. Time is the contributing factor.

I've suggested to others that we change the newsletter to a quarterly publication. Thankfully, many people read this blog for updates which is much more efficient (and easier to manage). We still want to reach out to those who don't have Internet access and a quarterly publication would accomplish that.

Those involved are in agreement. If you have any thoughts about the subject, please let me know.

We've also talked about taking the neighborhood meeting to a quarterly schedule also. I'm also looking for anyone interested in hosting as several folks can not make it up the stairs at my house.

The Truck is Gone!

On Friday, the truck on the vacant property of lower Canyon Crest was removed. I've heard that the owner of the land may have had it removed even though it may not have been his truck. Residents have reported that the truck actually belonged to an acquaintance of someone in The Meadows. That person reportedly was driving the truck out of the neighborhood when it broke down.

Whatever the story, thanks to all the residents who pursued its removal.

Vermont or The Meadows?

This pic was taken over the weekend by one of our residents who wondered, "Are we living in Vermont?"