Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inside Track

One of my listings in The Meadows was sold at auction today.  I am in conversation with the investor who is open to a quick turn-around of the property.  With an offer of around $425,000, this would be a great deal for a house on the canyonside.

Any one know of someone wanting to move the The Meadows?

Let me know.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MFSC Fuel Reduction Progress

Crews performing fuel reduction on our vacant lands in The Meadows have been on-site for the past two weeks.  The effort should continue for about one more week.

The areas being addressed are the same as in years past - vacant lands behind the homes on Risinghill, upper Canyon Crest and to the east of upper Risinghill.

New Meadows Real Estate Trends

As we move through some bumpy economic times, I'm often asked how The Meadows real estate market is holding up.

In a few words - better than most.

While we've seen a decline over the past few years, the trend is starting to go up.

I've created "micro market reports" that I'll post monthly to give everyone a sense of pricing trends.

Click here and then choose The Meadows.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Humboldt Lilies are Blooming

With much thanks to Ray, here is his annual picture of the Humboldt Lilies - "precious gems" - as Ray likes to refer to them.

The picture was taken along El Prieto Trail at the third creek crossing (from the top).

Thanks Ray!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Updated: Sandra Booker at ACC

Here's what you missed if you couldn't make the Jazz concert this evening that Marsha (Meadows neighbor) is producing at Altadena Community Church monthly.

Tonight was Sandra Booker, a fantastic L.A. based Jazz vocalist.  She is a modern day cross between Ella and Sarah, but adds a clarity of tone, huge range, powerful set of pipes to wonderful arrangements.  Here's a little bit.

Please support Marsha as she brings Jazz to Altadena.  Her conerts are monthly and only $20.  That's a great deal for top notch talent at a local venue.

Updated: I took the YouTube post down to respect the contract with the artist.

Instead, here's Ny Space link to Sandra Booker's own site:

Another Great Altadena Community Garden Picnic

Saw several Meadows residents at the picnic this afternoon.  Lots of people attended.  The food was fantastic (although I again ate too much), JAZZ musicians were wonderful, and the gardens looked spectacular.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jazz Vocalist Sandra Booker this Saturday

Our neighbor, Marsha, is producing this Jazz series in Altadena. Sandra Booker is a fantastic Jazz vocalist.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Trash Contract for Altadena

From Alice Wessen, one of our Town Council representatives:

The county supervisors finally approved the trash hauling contract with Athens at their May 17 meeting.  There will be a period of public notification, and it is hoped that Athens will start as Altadena's sole trash hauler in September.

Lots of detail here regarding pricing, containers, services and additional services:


Base Service, per month: $18.06

Senior Discount, per month: $13.55

Difficult to access streets, per month: $22.57

Backyard roll out/pick up service, per month: $27.09

In addition to the services required under the agreement, Athens outlined the following commitments in their proposal to further enhance trash collection and recycling services in our community:

1. Increased the number of free bagged green waste pickup from 8 to 10 per year

2. Increased the number of bulky item collections from 2 to 3 per year

3. Free quarterly mulch giveaways

4. Curbside used oil collection program

5. Curbside battery recycling collection program

Franchise Area - Service Features

Once-a-week automated trash collection service.

One 96-gallon refuse container, one 96-gallon green waste container, and one 96-gallon recyclable container

Smaller containers are available upon request and are equivalent to original container size. For example, residents can receive (3) 32 gal. containers for each 96 gal. container

Residents can receive a extra green waste container and/or one extra recyclable container free of charge upon request

Residents may also substitute a extra recycle container for a green waste container upon request

Additional containers can be requested at the low rate of $5 per container per month

Free Holiday Tree collection services

Annual curbside clean-up event (including electronic waste)

On-call bulky item collections in unlimited quantities (twice per year, including electronic waste)

Four special community clean-up events per year

Semi-Annual E-waste and Clothing drop off event

12 recycling community events per year

Eight times a year, at no additional cost, excess green waste discarded in bags will be collected upon customer request.

Four times a year, at no additional cost, excess trash discarded in bags will be collected upon customer request.

Free “Sharps” mail-back disposal program

Free roll-out services for the elderly and/or disabled, upon request

25 percent senior discount for residents 62 or older who either (1) qualifies for utility rate discounts based on financial need and is the head of household, or (2) generates small amounts of waste and uses 32-gallon containers.

Additional Services Available Upon Request

Scooter Service (1) – For any customer requesting this service or if it’s determined that resident will be required to use this service when collection vehicles cannot safely access the containers

Roll-out/backyard service: This service means the driver will retrieve carts from your yard, dispose of your unwanted materials, and return the empty carts back to your yard.

(1)Please Note: The County will work with each customer, HOA, and Franchisee to determine what constitutes a difficult to services area.

MFSC: Fuel Reduction to Begin Next Week

Fuel reduction (brush clearance) will begin in The Meadows next Thursday, June 16.

The Meadows FireSafe Council will be using the 2010 grant money to, again, reduce the fuel on the vacant lands to the east of upper Risinghill Road, the areas behind the houses to the west of Risinghill, and the area as it continues above upper Canyon Crest.

Homeowners are still required to clear the first 100 feet from the houses.

It's expected that the effort will take about three to four weeks to complete.

After this effort, the next and final step in the 2010 grant is to address Oak trees in the neighborhood.

Any trimming or removal of branches on Oak trees requires a permit that the MFSC coordinates with L.A. County Fire at no charge to the homeowner. As a reminder, not having a permit can lead to substantial fines to the homeowner.

Assessments of the Oaks will begin in late Summer and trimming work will occur in early Fall.
In many cases, trimming of Oaks only occurs when branches are too close to a structure and considered to be fuel for a fire or if the tree is diseased or dieing.

Watch for more information on the Oak tree effort as we get closer to the dates above.

Yard / Garage Sale this Sunday

Meadows neighbors at 1078 Hollygrove Lane are having a yard / garage sale on Sunday from 9-2.
Great deals on items such as:
  • excercise ab lounge
  • treadmill
  • vintage clothes and purses
  • quality jwewlry
  • dress clothing (L-3XL)
  • hi-fi Motorola record player
  • silk flowers
  • gift baskets
There's a FREE GIFT when you bring a friend!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Contact Info for Blog

Please note in the column to the tight, I've updated my contact information. So, if you need to send me an article, need resources, or have a question, please use the new contact info:

cell or text: 626-644-4760
or comment to the blog.

Why new?

I've moved my real estate practice to Teles Properties - a boutique real estate company first started in Beverly Hills that has opened an office in Pasadena.

They're state-of-the-art in marketing, analytics, and social media, among other highlights.

Please know I'm going to take The Meadows to a new level in real estate also.

If you'd like to receive updates on real estate via email, please send your contact info to me.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Altadena Town Council Volunteers

The upcoming Altadena Town Council elections needs volunteers to man the polls and count the ballots. Here's the info:

We're looking for volunteers to help with the Altadena Town Council Elections on Saturday, June 11.
There are five polling locations to choose from:

• Charles White Park 77 Mountain View Street (Ventura Street side)
• Farnsworth Park 568 East Mount Curve Avenue
• Gordy’s 843 West Woodbury Road
• S&J Auto 1904 New York Drive
• Webster’s 2450 North Lake Avenue

Shifts are:

• 9:00 – 11:00
• 11:00 – 1:00
• 1:00 – 3:00

We need ballot counters from 3:00 to 4:30 at the Davies Building at Farnsworth Park. Feel free to take a polling shift, a ballot counting shift or both!

Email to volunteer

Eric Pierce
Chair- 2011 Election Committee
Altadena Town Council
626 664-4300