Friday, April 26, 2013

Altadena Community Garden Revitalization and Fund Raising

The Altadena Community Garden (ACG) Corner Revitalization Projectis in full
swing with plans being finalized and plant lists being put in order. The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation has already cleared, mulched and installed a new state of the art solar timer irrigation system. They will also provide long term maintenance of the area once the project is completed. The only parts missing now are the plants and planting supplies to cover the 3,800 square feet, estimated to cost $14,000.

For this reason, ACG has officially begun a capital campaign. Garden Members are making project presentations throughout the community and are developing a direct-mail request.

 Any other potential donors should contact: (626) 470-7482.

More information at

Altadena Community Arts Center Applications

The Altadena Community Arts Center is now accepting applications for our Spring 2013 classes.  Please join us.  We make ARTwork! 
Class Schedules, Registration Forms and payment information are available online
at www.altadenacommunityartscenter.organd by calling or visiting the Altadena
Community Arts Center at 626-797-5798/2460 North Lake Avenue. The
Community Arts Center is an agency of The Altadena Arts Council (TAAC).

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Encampment in the Canyon

From a neighbor:

"We havve discovered a homeless encampment, in the canyon below Canyon Crest Rd. When I investigated it, there were 2 collapsed tents, a lot of trash, books, clothes hanging over trees and such.

While I did not see evidence of a camp fire, this likens to the Eaton canyon fire, started by a homeless person's campfire, years ago that burned over to Cheney trail and burned down several homes in the ridge areas.

I called the Sheriff, they said I would get faster response if I called the forrest service, with no avail by either agency. The forrest personelle who answered took my phone number and said an investigator will call me back. I have called again and told to do the same thing.

Any one else want to try?"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bear Visiting Top of El Prieto

The title basically says it all.  A neighbor at the very top of El Prieto has been visiting the homes up there regularly.  Guess any hibernation period is over.

Community Yard Sale?

A couple of neighbors are interested in a community yard sale. Any other neighbors interested? Its more fun when there's a group.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

False Report of Fire

There were at least five fire trucks up here at around 6:30 p.m. A neighbor on Canyon Crest said that someone reported a fire, which appears not to have happened. So, hopefully no one is trying to pull a prank. It was nice to know that they responded with lots of back-up

Alert System has Expired

The alert system that the Meadows FireSafe Council funded for three years has expired. I've asked the new MFSC if 2013 funds could be allocated to renew for another three years. I think it will be funded, just waiting for the money to be distributed. I did confirm that all our information will remain in the database so that we can just reactivate it. In the interim, we don't have the alert system.