Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Suspicious Activity on Power Lines

Two ropes dangled from the high voltage transmission line that runs north of Altadena at the top of Risinghill Road. An alert hiker, puzzled and wondering what it might be, reported it to So. Cal. Edison, who sent linemen out to investigate the matter Tuesday morning.

The linemen removed the object, which turned out to be a bolt cutter, jury-rigged to be activated by pulling on the pair of ropes simultaneously. The contraption, obviously, didn't work. The perpetrators, apparently at a loss as to how they might retrieve the device, left it hanging on the wire.

The motive? Possibly sabotage (for whatever reason?) Intending to salvage copper from the downed line? Who knows? Only the perpetrators, and it is doubtful that they will be putting out any ads seeking to recover lost property!

Trail users, keep your eyes peeled and report anything that seems amiss!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mt. Wilson Cam Pointed at Fire

The Mt Wilson TowerCam is currently turned towards the South with a Birds Eye view of the fire.

Santa Anita Canyon Fire

A picture of the Santa Anita Canyon fire from friends of our neighboring FireSafe Council.

As of this morning, the fire is less than 30% contained with leading edges on the NW and SW. We can smell the smoke here in The Meadows. Residents of over 400 homes in Sierra Madre have been evacuated.

Our brush clearance of 30 acres at the northeast of The Meadows continues this week. A review was performed with the clearance crews to ensure that the work is compliant. We did receive the remaining funds from the grant, so work will continue on the stretch of land to the west of homes on Risinghill and above the homes on the Canyon Crest cul-de-sac.

Beginning approximately May 5, Steven's Tree Trimming will be in the neighborhood performing work on individual properties.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Important Fundraiser for Loma Alta Park

This is last-minute but very important. Penny Daniels at Loma Alta Park sent an invitation to The Meadows for a fund-raiser this Saturday. Please help support her as she has supported us in many ways.

Loma Alta Park cordially invites you to a “Star Studded Event”, Saturday, April 26. Cocktails at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 with lots of entertainment including a big band, jazz quintet and a walk down the red carpet.

This is a fundraiser for our park that benefits youth who participate in the Community and Recreation Programs such as Tiny Tots, After School, Summer Camps, Teen Club and Sports, just to name a few.

Items or donations are sought including financial donations, door prizes, food and beverages. All donors will be published in the program.

Tickets are $25 each
Table of ten at $250 per table
Raffle tickets at $2.00

For more information, please call 626-398-5451

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day Two MFSC Brush Clearance

Here's a beautiful picture of The Meadows at the top of Risinghill Road where brush clearance continues.

A wonderful addition of a group of deer, also supervising the project, has made their presence known.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brush Clearance Crews Arrive

Brush clearance funded by the Meadows FireSafe Council (MFSC) grant began yesterday, Monday, at the top of Risinghill Road. Crews began cutting down the tall grasses and trimming up the bushes and trees. MFSC members met with the crews and their management as part of the monitoring of the project. Crews will be in The Meadows over the next few weeks.

The MFSC continues to request the remainder of the grant funds in order to complete the third leg of the project that is located behind the homes on the west side of Risinghill continuing behind the homes at the top of Canyon Crest.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Brush Clearance Begins April 14

Brush clearance, funded by the Meadows FireSafe Council grant, will begin Monday, April 18. The planned schedule is as follows:

April 14 through April 17, clearance of brush overlooking Millard Canyon

April 18 through April 25, clearance of the area at the top of Risinghill Road.

Only half of the remaining $80,000 California FireSafe Council grant has been received and is insufficient to cover all of the brush clearance costs. The release of additional funds has been requested to address the neck of land south of the township line between Rising Hill Road and El Prieto Road. Signs will be placed in The Meadows to call attention to the work in progress.

The brush clearance to be performed will be from 150 foot of any structure. Neighbors are still required to clear the first 150 feet from their structure within the current brush clearance deadlines. The removal of hazardous trees inside the Meadows proper will be delayed until the remainder of the grant money has been received. The available funds will be used to remove certain prioritized hazards that affect the community at large.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cougars in The Canyon

Multiple sightings and encounters with mountain lions on Altadena Foothills area:

March 31, Monday morning before dawn a heavy animal, possible cougar, ran across a roof of home located in 3600 block on Leilani Way in Altadena.

March 30th, near dawn a large cougar attacked a large German Shepherd dog in the Millard Campground Canyon area. In addition a possible second cougar was spotted on the roof of the same cabin. The dog was saved by its thick fur and the intervention of the owner. California Dept. of Fish & Game officer was called by the USFS.

March 29th, 6:15am Saturday morning. Sighting of a 60 lb. animal with a long tail that ran across Lincoln Ave. and into the brush between Loma Alta Park and the debris basin. The profile was pretty clearly feline.

The cats tend to be active at dawn, dusk, and at night, when they roam their home area search of prey.

According to the Department of Fish & Game, one of the most important tips is: do not go into mountain lion territory by yourself. Go with a friend or bring a dog. Always take a friend with you when you camp, hike or backpack in wild areas.

Even when lions are encountered, they rarely pose a threat. Most cougars prefer to avoid human beings.

More safety tips: