Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missing Person?

This comment was sent anonymously to the blog, so the information is not verified.  If anyone has confirmed information, please let me know.

"We were woken very early (before 7am) by a woman whose 15 year old daughter (African-American named Jalani) is missing. Last seen on canyon crest with a mixed-blood Hawaiian looking 19 year old man. It is rumored he is staying in an empty house for sale or perhaps even the canyon. The sheriffs have been notified but we are asked to keep our eyes open!"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gushing Water?

Neighbors on Risinghill are hearing about a gusher of water the size of Old Faithful coming out of Millard Canyon last night, Monday,  around 10:00 p.m.

Unconfirmed at this point.  Anyone have any information?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rambro Update

A cross-posting from other blogs and emails:

Dear Neighbors & Trail Users,

At the risk of invoking "déjà vu," be aware that Joe Clay (aka "Rambro") the hunter / poacher is back... again.

In addition to Clay being up here in the Chaney Trail Neighborhood this morning in his usual camo fatigues and armed with a bow on his motorbike, residents over on El Prieto report that "Rambro" was seen at ~2:30pm yesterday (21 Sept.), dressed in full camo and military style boots, with a "Castro cap" (military style cap), backpack, bow, arrows and knife. He was entering the Forest at the top of El Prieto via the trail to Owen Brown's Grave and the Lincoln Avenue Water Co. tank, adjacent to Angeles Forest.

As most of you know, El Prieto Canyon and vicinity burned in the Station Fire, as did the north slope and ridges above Millard Canyon, which means that Clay was hunting in the USFS Closure Area... or, too close to residences on the edge of the Forest.

Clay has also been exploring up N. Fair Oaks in recent weeks, trying to access the Forest via private property up there near Summer Kids and Zorthian Ranch.

Rambro seems to be conducting "reconnaissance" in this area on his bike, in an attempt to get around local residences and into the Forest.

Steve L. recently asked if it is illegal for Clay to ride his motorbike on local trails. Perhaps the USFS and County Sheriffs can answer that question for us.

At least one El Prieto resident called the Sheriffs yesterday. The Sheriffs responded to the call with two patrol cars, but those vehicles only cruised slowly around the culdesac at the top of El Prieto, then left, without deputies ever getting out or talking to the resident who called. The Sheriffs are not going to catch Clay in the Closure Area, see him setting illegal traps, or firing weapons too close to homes that way.

Altadena Sheriffs tend to arrive after Clay has driven off, or they decline to look for Clay, however briefly, in order to question him. Obviously, Clay is not going to stand around waiting for deputies. Worse, Sheriffs Dispatch up in La Crescenta may not respond at all because they don't know anything about "Rambro." It would be helpful if the Sheriffs worked closer with USFS law enforcement to intercept Clay. Once detained, the USFS and/or CA Dept. of Fish & Game could be called to issue a citation or to arrest Clay, depending upon circumstances.

For those not familiar with Rambro's history that involves poaching, using arson to evade arrest, and a concealed handgun... read the archived article copied last below. Caution is appropriate, take photos of Joe Clay and his vehicles only if you can do so without confrontation.

All we can do is remain vigilant and keep calling the Sheriffs, USFS Dispatch and the CA Dept. of Fish & Game "Cal Tip" hotline every time we spot "Rambro" in our neighborhood or the Forest. (See phone numbers highlighted in red below.) I have been told that he may be driving a newer SUV instead of the old maroon van with black-out windows (CA license #4AGU605).

If you call and get the La Crescenta Sheriffs Station... and they don't know who "Rambro" is... politely ask to be connected with someone at the Altadena Station. Generally, the Altadena Sheriffs know who Clay and about his illegal and dangerous hunting.

As Robert C. said, letting Clay know he is being watched may encourage him to leave our area. If we are lucky, authorities will catch him "in the act" again and we won't see "Rambro" back... ever. Clay gives responsible hunters a bad name.

Thanks to all those who reported Clay's presence to authorities.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Bear Info

Neighbors at the top of Risinghill Road confirm that there are 2 bears, possibly a 3rd with the 3rd being a cub.

The biggest bear as well as the cub are black, the other is cinnamon colored and the most active and curious of the bunch.

Bears seem to be living in the canyon between the top of Risinghill Road and La Vina. They are very very active, visiting just after sundown and stay most of the night. They have been nightly visitors all summer long.

One morning, said neighbor awoke to find one bear asleep near the car. Bears had been coming up onto the porch so neighbor installed a 'driveway alarm' which can be bought at Harbor Freight for less than $20. They placed the receiver by the front door and when bears trip alarm, it sends a loud, high pitched screech, which sends the bears running away. It has worked beautifully.

Blog postings are correct, bears are very timid and run away when they see a human. We need to keep it that way. And it's true, bears do s**t in the woods. And on my lawn. And on my landing. And my backyard, frontyard, next to my car....

Also, DO NOT leave food or food wrappings in your car. Bears have amazingly sensitive noses. We learned the hard way!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bear Alert Poster

A poster was developed from neighbors to the East about the sightings of black bears in the foothills.  Here's the content of the poster:

Altadena Foothills

After the 2009 Station Fire burned much of the Angeles National Forest, surviving wildlife took refuge in remaining canyons and streambeds within the Altadena foothills. Wild animals including deer, bobcats, cougars, and black bears are spending more time at lower elevations seeking water, shelter, forage and prey in the chaparral and oak woodland around our homes.

Black bears in our neighborhood

Black bears in our neighborhood have raided bee hives, stolen food out of garbage cans, slept in our lavender, and cooled off in our ponds. While black bears are generally non-confrontational and unlikely to attack without provocation, they are also large, powerful, and unpredictable. Be aware of your surroundings and assume a bear might be nearby, especially at night. If a bear is observed, do not approach it closely or attempt to block its escape routes. It is essential that bears remain wild and afraid of humans. If a bear appears, make a noisy commotion, blast an air horn or car horn and direct bright car headlights at the bear; or turn a high power water stream on the bear, etc. Some neighbors have “shot” bears with paint ball guns (startling the bear and conveniently marking it with non-toxic, brightly colored paint that tastes bad when licked off by the bear). The intent is not to injure a bear, but to frighten it away from people and property. The objective is to make remaining near people, pets and residences unpleasant for the bear.

! A fed bear is a dead bear! !

The California Dept. of Fish & Game no longer relocates problem bears. If a bear poses a public threat or becomes a chronic, destructive nuisance, it will be killed. Your actions may affect a bear's survival.

! Secure garbage cans indoors (inside your house, garage, or a sturdy shed)

! Do not put trash out until the morning it will be picked up

! Separate food garbage from other trash and double or triple bag it to reduce tantalizing odors

! Freeze leftover poultry, rib bones & any odorous food leftovers until pick up day, then dispose in a sealed bag

! Do not leave food on a window sill or a kitchen counter below an open window, especially at night (such as a cooling pie)

! Keep BBQ grills clean and free of meat residues & do not leave food unattended on outdoor tables

! Keep all pet food away from areas the bear might be able to access, including backyards, decks and under porches

! Safeguard small domestic animals, such as chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and box turtles

! Pick up fallen & ripe fruits & vegetables that might attract a bear (such as berries, figs, avocados, apples & persimmons)

! Close patio doors and large windows on accessible ground floors and decks at night (screens are not secure!)

! Until the bear leaves our area, stop disposing of fresh food scraps, fruits or vegetables on compost piles or in open bins

! Don't encourage your dog(s) to chase a bear; dogs can be injured or killed and might enrage an otherwise peaceful bear

! Never deliberately feed a bear!

" Help keep all of us, including black bears, safe!

March 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bear Video

Bear Sighting on Rising Hill

From MaryEllen Schoeman:

Here's links to some photos and video I got of the bear on Rising Hill. Is there interest in having someone from Fish and Game come talk to us about how we can keep things safe for us, and for the bear (if he gets too used to people, he could get into trouble)? If there is interest, I will set it up.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Active Bear in The Meadows

Over the past week, a bear has been very active in our neighborhood. 

Last night, he left some evidence (think about it) after turning over trash cans on the 4200 block of Aralia.

He's been seen eating figs on Rising Hill, sitting in the middle of the street on Rising Hill, at the cul-de-sac on El Prieto and turning over trash cans higher up on El Prieto.

Most of the occurrences have been in the middle of the night, but also as early as 9:00 p.m.

If you're able to keep your trash cans in a garage, that would be helpful.  If not, one tip is to freeze any food you're going to throw in the trash and put it in your trash cans the night before pick-up.  That way, the bear can't smell the food.

Just thought I'd post so that everyone can stay safe.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trash Dumping

We've had several instances lately of trash and furniture being dumped on lower Canyon Crest.

Over the weekend, one Meadows resident witnessed two men starting to dump trash bags.  He was able to get their license plate number, description of the truck, and called the Sheriff.

As a reminder, if you witness someone trashing the canyon, call the Sheriff.  If after the fact, call L.A. County Public Works.  They've been great about responding quickly.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Free Box Spring

Does anyone need a brand new queen size Serta box spring?  It's free.

Friday, September 03, 2010

MFSC Assessment Letters Mailed

Assessment request letters for the Meadows FireSafe Council 2010 grant were mailed out today.  Please watch your mailboxes and let your neighbors know about the upcoming work.

The Meadows Fire Safe Council will be undertaking assessments of properties in 2010. Recommendations will be made by members of the FireSafe Council with input from an L.A. County Forester regarding tree removal, trimming, and other fuel reduction.

If you wish to participate in these assessments, please return one copy of the signed authorization to allow assessment personnel to enter your property for assessment purposes.

Assessments are voluntary and any tree removal and trimming will require a new authorization from you. It is expected that we will have some funds for trimming of trees where appropriate for fuel-reduction. All work is paid for with CA FireSafe grant money.