Friday, March 26, 2010

4328 Canyon Crest Needs Some Love!

As you know, I rarely publish anything about real estate on this site as I want it more about the goings-on in The Meadows. But I'm making an exception here.

This is not my listing. I just think there might be friends or family Meadows residents who would jump at the chance of moving here and may not know about this house.

So here's the info.  If you know of someone interested, please have them contact me.

4328 Canyon Crest is a well-priced home at $499,000. It's not getting the attention it deserves. Not sure why as it's a very sweet house.

The living room has a fireplace with mantel and beautiful oak hardwood floors throughout.

Three well-sized bedrooms are light and bright, one of them with views of the mountains.

The kitchen is large with lots of cabinets for storage, Corian counter tops and a kitchen dining area.

A grassy, tree-shaded backyard and a very nice front yard complete this home which is move-in ready.

Other features include copper plumbing, a new security system, stainless steel stove and microwave, garbage disposal and a newer roof, a newer driveway and garage with automatic door opener.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Hills are Alive....

Thanks to Ray Backes for these pics of our surrounding hills.  Looks like nature is fast restoring our greenery after the fires.

Lupines flourish amid burnt tree skeletons.

Another patch of lupines.

Wild cucumber (manroot) vines over burnt scrub Oak

Laurel-leaf Sumac. Hot burning but quick regrowing.

Burnt Chemise sprouting anew.

The Meadows, Altadena blanketed in green.

Fastest re-growing shrub - Pepper tree.

Burglary Suspects Arrested

Another story from Pasadena Star News.  Haven't heard of any issues in The Meadows, but this has been an ongoing story for Altadena.

Sheriff's deputies arrest 8 suspects in Altadena burglaries

Posted: 03/18/2010 07:33:59 AM PDT

Sheriff's deputies have arrested eight men whom they believe are responsible for a spike in burglaries around Altadena last month, according to Sgt. Danny Robinson with the sheriff's Altadena Station.

The eight men are suspected of burglarizing homes, businesses and vehicles around Altadena.

Two of the men arrested are gang members suspected of working together, but the other cases are being treated separately, Robinson said.

The rate of burglaries during the first two weeks of March has dropped 45 percent since the same time last month - a drop that Robinson attributes to the recent arrests.

Read more:

Town Council Considers Restricting Parking

I don't usually post general Altadena news, but thought this would be interesting to The Meadows.

From the Star News:
Altadena considers restricting overnight parking

Posted: 03/18/2010 07:34:56 AM PDT

The Altadena Town Council is considering a proposal to restrict the parking of oversized vehicles such as RVs, large boats and buses, according to council chairman Gino Sund.

Residents would have to have a permit to park oversized vehicles overnight on the streets of Altadena. The council is formulating the proposal and considering exceptions for people who have visitors from out of town, especially for the Rose Bowl.

Residents have complained to the council that people from out of town are parking their RVs in their neighborhoods and moving them every three days, Sund said.

Last year the council successfully restricted overnight parking of commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds, such as big rigs.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Any Update on Stressed Cat?

A while back I posted about a young silver tabby cat in distress on El Prieto. It had managed to put it's left front leg through the flea collar it was wearing, so that the collar was around the cat's neck and shoulder.

Has anyone seen that cat lately? Can you tell me whether it's still alive, and whether it still has the same problem? A neighbor and I have been setting a trap to try to catch it (to help it) but haven't seen it in a while and would appreciate knowing whether it is still in trouble.

Thanks much.
Joe Shearer
4382 El Prieto Road

Monday, March 15, 2010

USFS Listening Session

The U.S. Forest Service will host a listening session regarding the Cobb Estate and related trails, Mar 27th, 1-3PM at Alt. Community Center. The USFS is trying to put logs across some trails to keep public on original County-USFS trails.

Some of the public are not happy with that and are pushing back since they feel the trails in place reflect original trails dating back decades.

Also the issue of signage is a hot button

Monday, March 08, 2010

Relay for Life Looking for Meadows Team

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is happening at Loma Alta Park May 15 & 16.

Teams from different Altadena neighborhoods are forming.

Anyone interested in leading a Meadows team?

Let me know and I'll get the contact information to you.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Millard Canyon Restoration Project Update

From Mike Hickman on Lower Canyon Crest:

Hi All,

Some of you may have wondered what has become of the MCCP in recent months. Well, there is the weather, and then there is the weather (there have been a few other issues as well, but I won't go into them here). And now, back to the weather: as some of you may know, the rains during the past few months have caused massive water flow in Lower Millard.

Twice last month the bridge at the hairpin turn has washed out causing some real headaches for the Public Works Dept. and residents of the meadows. At times Millard Creek has crested between 6 and 14 feet above normal (depending on the width of the canyon channel). This condition has drastically altered the character of the streambed and in some sections it has changed the course of the stream.

Virtually all the areas we had performed volunteer work removing invasives have been washed away, as were the areas we had intended to work in the future. Most of the soil has washed away, leaving bedrock and gravel beds which have not seen the light of day for many, many years. Several trees along the stream were also washed away making the streambed area much wider. All of the thick infestations of Himalayan Blackberry, Cape Ivy, and Eupatorium are gone. There are a few tenacious blackberry canes still clinging to some of the banks upstream and some healthy Cape Ivy patches on some of the upslopes of the canyon, but essentially, much of the restoration work that would have taken years of volunteer days to accomplish has been done by Mother Nature doing a bit of her own "housecleaning".

It appears to me that a much healthier "environmental situation" now exists which should greatly benefit the many aquatic species that inhabit the stream, as well as the various faunal and avian species that depend on the area.

In the 15 years I have lived here and hiked the canyon I have never seen such remarkable change. This makes one reflect on all our meager, well intentioned efforts at "restoration".

Anyway, I thought some of you might like to know about the current situation. We plan on organizing an informational hike into the canyon within the next few weeks for those who would like to view these changes. I will keep you posted regarding the date and time.


Mike Hickman

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sheriff Station Advisory

Lieutenant Steve McLean at the Altadena Sheriff's Station has asked that the following advisory be posted :

Altadena continues to experience a high number of burglaries and thefts from vehicles. You are your own best defense.

Please do not leave your vehicle without checking to make sure that there are no cell phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, Bluetooth devices, expensive sun glasses, wallets, handbags, computers, PDA's, satchels, backpacks, briefcases, currency or coins visible, and do not walk away from your vehicle without confirming that you've locked the door to at least slow down the person who wants what you've left visible in your vehicle.

Every day, people are calling the Sheriff's Station asking to make a report because they've now been victims themselves.

Please encourage everyone you know to park vehicles in garages and to lock up - out of sight - any and everything that will give criminals a reason to open the door or to smash your windows to take the gifts you've left for them.

Your vehicles aren't safe even if they're parked in your driveway.

These criminals span all age groups from teens to older adults and if you find yourself still saying to yourself that it won't happen to you, guess again . . .

Want to talk to people who have been victims? They also thought it couldn't happen to them.


Stay vigilant. Make sure you protect yourself and your family.