Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Any Update on Stressed Cat?

A while back I posted about a young silver tabby cat in distress on El Prieto. It had managed to put it's left front leg through the flea collar it was wearing, so that the collar was around the cat's neck and shoulder.

Has anyone seen that cat lately? Can you tell me whether it's still alive, and whether it still has the same problem? A neighbor and I have been setting a trap to try to catch it (to help it) but haven't seen it in a while and would appreciate knowing whether it is still in trouble.

Thanks much.
Joe Shearer
4382 El Prieto Road

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MaryEllen said...

Is this the long-haired tabby with the white front and paws? If it is, that cat is fine - it has visited my yard every night for the past week. Don't know if it is the same cat, though.