Friday, September 22, 2006

Monday Morning Trash Cruisers

A resident on El Prieto has noticed peopole in a black SUV routinely raiding the curbside recycle containers on Monday mornings. He doesn’t like the idea of someone cruising the neighborhood before the sun is up. The cruisers have seen him a couple of times. They acted suspiciously trying to hide themselves and their vehicle in driveways.

It is illegal for people to take materials out of recycling bins.

Brush Clearance on Canyon Crest Hillside

From the September Meadows Newsletter:

Some residents expressed concern about brush clearing on a hillside section of Canyon Crest. The owners of the property are the ones who have cleared the brush. They have been contacted and said that they are aware of the possibilities that this could pose. They did however take care in picking the proper trimmers that would not violate any root structure and are keeping an eye on the hillside. They are watering so that the existing good plants will grow fast and retain the hillside wall preventing a collapse of the mountain and at the same time eliminating fuel for a fire.

Calling Tree to Save Trees?

As part of our FireSafe Council prevention steps, Greg Stanton has offered to build a calling tree for anyone interested. (He received a few phone calls from folks away from their homes who were worried that the fire might be in The Meadows.) A calling tree will allow residents to keep each other informed in the event of an emergency, such as a brush fire. Depending on the size of the calling tree, a small number of individual residents will be assigned to groups of other residents for notification or check status on the emergency. If interested, please email or call Greg with your home, work, and/or cell phones. Greg's contact information is: 626-791-1011 or All phone numbers will be kept confidential.

Proposed Trailhead Update

From September 2006 Meadows Newsletter:

Many from the Meadows turned up at the meeting on the 14th at Loma Alta Park as well as some from lower Canyon Crest Road. The purpose was to get any voices down on paper either for or against any or all of the proposed projects. We are not yet done with this situation by far. The consensus of the Meadows has only two people wanting the trailhead. It is extremely important that each and every one of us tells the proper department what we think. There is a deadline for getting these comments in (Sept. 20th) but they said they would extend the deadline if you send it in. To make your voice heard, you must write now.

Send comments to:
County of Los Angeles Chief
Administrative Office
Attn: Mr. Adrian Garcia
500 West Temple St Room 754
Los Angeles CA 90012
213 974-4266

Send a copy to:
Mike Antonovich
Office of the Fifth District
215 N. Marengo Ave. Suite 120
Pasadena, CA 91101
626 356-5407

Be at this months meeting to learn what to do next about the ongoing prevention of the trailhead on Canyon Crest.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Got Brush Clearance?

A reader of this blog is asking for any referrals to brush clearance companies. Please post a reply if you have one. Thanks.

Land Owner's Meeintg

The first informational meeting regarding the trailhead was held on 8-31-06. It was well attended by area landowners and residents. All in attendance opposed the placement of the Milliard Canyon trailhead on Canyon Crest. The project is in the initial stages. The feasibility study has been completed. Project completion is set for 2007. All county easements have not yet been secured. If, however, the landowner refuses (as is happening at the hairpin turn) the land may be taken through eminent domain. Many issues were raised -environmental, safety, fire hazards, crime-all of which the project team are still addressing.

Proposed Trailhead

All Meadows residents should have received an information pamphlet and notice from L.A. County regarding the establishment of a continuous east-west trail from Hahamonga Watershed Park eastward to Eaton Canyon. Part of this proposal is a trail through Millard Canyon and a trailhead at the hairpin turn on Canyon Crest. Included with the trailhead would be parking spaces at the hairpin turn on Canyon Crest, pedestrian crossing controls, low-level lighting and possibly a restroom facility. (For complete descriptions, you can read the Notice of Preparation and Initial Study available for public review at the Altadena Main Library and Bob Lucas Memorial Library.) Adrian Garcia, L.A. County analyst, is the project contact. The notice also requests responses be sent to Mr. Garcia no later than September 20. Please see the notice for complete contact information.

Four scoping meetings have been planned with the most convenient on September 14 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room at Loma Alta Park.

Residents have already voiced concerns including increased traffic and impact to our emergency evacuation plan. Other residents may well be in favor of the continuous trail.

The Meadows has had great success in collectively responding to other issues and proposals that would have impact to us. In the past, these have been the restriction of filming on Canyon Crest, the formation of the FireSafe Council, and the ban on hunting. It is suggested that we gather the opinion of Meadows residents to communicate a collective response to the County. Please come to this month's meeting, as we need to hear the opinion from all interested parties in the Meadows.

Attached to this month's newsletter is a form that we would like you to complete and sign. Drop it in Linda’s mailbox at 4199 Canyon Crest Road. Or better yet, come to the meeting for a great discussion on the proposal. Our collective opinions will then be delivered to the County. There truly is strength in numbers as we continue to establish The Meadows as an active voice in Altadena.

FireSafe Council Update

The Meadows FireSafe Council will present the proposed treatment plan for brush clearance either the last week in September or first week in October. Please watch for further details.

Public Works

A good number to have on hand or program into your cell phone: County of Los Angeles Public Works at 800 675-4357. Please call them to report road, traffic, sewer, flood and graffiti issues. They've been very responsive. One neighbor called to report trash that was dumped on Canyon Crest and they cleaned it up within two business days.

Strip Club in Pasadena?

A strip club is approved and slated to open on Walnut Ave, in Pasadena, soon. It is one door down from Foothill Vet, where the Shaky’s Pizza place once was, all of the proceedings are being handled without so much as a vote, by the City Planning Office.To learn more please visit the web site: you don’t want it, please sign the online petition and let your voice be heard. (Posted by a resident in The Meadows)