Friday, September 22, 2006

Proposed Trailhead Update

From September 2006 Meadows Newsletter:

Many from the Meadows turned up at the meeting on the 14th at Loma Alta Park as well as some from lower Canyon Crest Road. The purpose was to get any voices down on paper either for or against any or all of the proposed projects. We are not yet done with this situation by far. The consensus of the Meadows has only two people wanting the trailhead. It is extremely important that each and every one of us tells the proper department what we think. There is a deadline for getting these comments in (Sept. 20th) but they said they would extend the deadline if you send it in. To make your voice heard, you must write now.

Send comments to:
County of Los Angeles Chief
Administrative Office
Attn: Mr. Adrian Garcia
500 West Temple St Room 754
Los Angeles CA 90012
213 974-4266

Send a copy to:
Mike Antonovich
Office of the Fifth District
215 N. Marengo Ave. Suite 120
Pasadena, CA 91101
626 356-5407

Be at this months meeting to learn what to do next about the ongoing prevention of the trailhead on Canyon Crest.

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