Saturday, November 17, 2007

Truck on Lower Canyon Crest

I heard from a neighbor that the "abandoned" truck on lower Canyon Crest is actually owned by an acquaintance of a Meadow's neighbor. Seems the truck broker down and was pushed to the vacant land. According to the resident it's not owned by the vacant landowner.

I've heard that several residents have called both the Sheriff and L.A. County. Any updates?

Speaking of Green

This is not Meadows related (well maybe, if you think about all of our efforts related to trees) but, I heard about this website on which you can stop the delivery of catalogs that you don't wish to receive. It's estimated that the number of catalogs produced every year equals the carbon emissions of 200 million cars per year. That's HUGE!

With the holidays approaching, this is a great time to "trim the tree" and reduce the number of catalogs coming to your home. Here's the totally free website:

One more great, green idea: When printing documents on Word, Excel or any other software, change the default margins from 1" to at least .5". It will reduce the number of pages needed and contribute to a reduction in paper use.

MFSC Update, Update and Update

Three updates for everyone from The Meadows FireSafe Council:

- Our townhall meeting on November 13 was well attended. Residents were updated on the progress of the FireSafe grant and neighbors were able to review and sign-off on their individual assessments.

- For those not in attendance, letters were mailed to you yesterday, Friday. The letter has two sections; the first being any work recommended that will be paid for by the grant. The second section will have recommendations that would be handled by and paid for by the homeowner. Vendors have been contacted and will be offering discounts to homeowners. Final selection of the vendors is underway.

- Finally, we expected brush clearance to start on November 1, but were held up in waiting for funds to be released by the larger CA FireSafe Council. We're hoping to get those funds this or next month.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nov 13 Town Hall Meeting

Please join us at The Meadows Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, November 13 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. The Meadows FireSafe Council will be presenting updates on the progress of our grant brush clearance project along with presenting specific tree removal and trimming suggestions to homeowners. A letter will be available for signature by the homeowner to proceed with the Council's suggestions.

Also speaking at the Town Hall will be our favorite park administrator, Penny Daniels, who will give us an update on the wonderful improvements to Loma Alta Park. She'll also discuss the many programs offered at the park.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nov 13 FireSafe Update

Please plan on attending the November 13 meeting of The Meadows FireSafe Council at Loma Alta Park from 7-9 p.m.

We'll be presenting an update on the progress of the FireSafe Council along with specific findings from the many assessments that we're performed in The Meadows.

Each affected resident will receive a proposal for tree removal and/or trimming which is expected to be performed by the end of the year. This is all voluntarily but a great progressive effort in keeping us safe from fire events.

Here We Go Again...

The owner of the property on lower Canyon Crest has again parked a vacant vehicle on his land. This time it's a rundown pick-up truck with a bed of junk in the back.

I talked to the Sheriffs and they said that it is the landowner who owns the vehicle. I'll give him a call, but I suggest that residents start calling the County to start the process of getting this vehicle removed.

Brush Clearance Update

We expected to start the brush clearance effort around The Meadows this coming Monday, November 5. We had to delay that while waiting for the funds from CA FireSafe Council to be transferred to The Meadows FireSafe Council. That's expected by the end of the month.

So, not to worry, we're on our way. We should be on our way towards the end of the month.