Saturday, November 17, 2007

MFSC Update, Update and Update

Three updates for everyone from The Meadows FireSafe Council:

- Our townhall meeting on November 13 was well attended. Residents were updated on the progress of the FireSafe grant and neighbors were able to review and sign-off on their individual assessments.

- For those not in attendance, letters were mailed to you yesterday, Friday. The letter has two sections; the first being any work recommended that will be paid for by the grant. The second section will have recommendations that would be handled by and paid for by the homeowner. Vendors have been contacted and will be offering discounts to homeowners. Final selection of the vendors is underway.

- Finally, we expected brush clearance to start on November 1, but were held up in waiting for funds to be released by the larger CA FireSafe Council. We're hoping to get those funds this or next month.

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