Saturday, November 17, 2007

Truck on Lower Canyon Crest

I heard from a neighbor that the "abandoned" truck on lower Canyon Crest is actually owned by an acquaintance of a Meadow's neighbor. Seems the truck broker down and was pushed to the vacant land. According to the resident it's not owned by the vacant landowner.

I've heard that several residents have called both the Sheriff and L.A. County. Any updates?

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Anonymous said...

Greg - I called the county hotline # also. Got a grumpy person who said they would turn the report in - but no more info. Doesn't seem fair the landowner is getting in trouble with the county when it's not even his truck! I suppose he can threaten to have it towed if the owner just leaves it there? Sounds like someone knows who owns it - can we put pressure on them to remove it? Thanks - jane