Saturday, April 05, 2008

Brush Clearance Begins April 14

Brush clearance, funded by the Meadows FireSafe Council grant, will begin Monday, April 18. The planned schedule is as follows:

April 14 through April 17, clearance of brush overlooking Millard Canyon

April 18 through April 25, clearance of the area at the top of Risinghill Road.

Only half of the remaining $80,000 California FireSafe Council grant has been received and is insufficient to cover all of the brush clearance costs. The release of additional funds has been requested to address the neck of land south of the township line between Rising Hill Road and El Prieto Road. Signs will be placed in The Meadows to call attention to the work in progress.

The brush clearance to be performed will be from 150 foot of any structure. Neighbors are still required to clear the first 150 feet from their structure within the current brush clearance deadlines. The removal of hazardous trees inside the Meadows proper will be delayed until the remainder of the grant money has been received. The available funds will be used to remove certain prioritized hazards that affect the community at large.

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