Monday, April 28, 2008

Santa Anita Canyon Fire

A picture of the Santa Anita Canyon fire from friends of our neighboring FireSafe Council.

As of this morning, the fire is less than 30% contained with leading edges on the NW and SW. We can smell the smoke here in The Meadows. Residents of over 400 homes in Sierra Madre have been evacuated.

Our brush clearance of 30 acres at the northeast of The Meadows continues this week. A review was performed with the clearance crews to ensure that the work is compliant. We did receive the remaining funds from the grant, so work will continue on the stretch of land to the west of homes on Risinghill and above the homes on the Canyon Crest cul-de-sac.

Beginning approximately May 5, Steven's Tree Trimming will be in the neighborhood performing work on individual properties.

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