Friday, June 10, 2011

New Trash Contract for Altadena

From Alice Wessen, one of our Town Council representatives:

The county supervisors finally approved the trash hauling contract with Athens at their May 17 meeting.  There will be a period of public notification, and it is hoped that Athens will start as Altadena's sole trash hauler in September.

Lots of detail here regarding pricing, containers, services and additional services:


Base Service, per month: $18.06

Senior Discount, per month: $13.55

Difficult to access streets, per month: $22.57

Backyard roll out/pick up service, per month: $27.09

In addition to the services required under the agreement, Athens outlined the following commitments in their proposal to further enhance trash collection and recycling services in our community:

1. Increased the number of free bagged green waste pickup from 8 to 10 per year

2. Increased the number of bulky item collections from 2 to 3 per year

3. Free quarterly mulch giveaways

4. Curbside used oil collection program

5. Curbside battery recycling collection program

Franchise Area - Service Features

Once-a-week automated trash collection service.

One 96-gallon refuse container, one 96-gallon green waste container, and one 96-gallon recyclable container

Smaller containers are available upon request and are equivalent to original container size. For example, residents can receive (3) 32 gal. containers for each 96 gal. container

Residents can receive a extra green waste container and/or one extra recyclable container free of charge upon request

Residents may also substitute a extra recycle container for a green waste container upon request

Additional containers can be requested at the low rate of $5 per container per month

Free Holiday Tree collection services

Annual curbside clean-up event (including electronic waste)

On-call bulky item collections in unlimited quantities (twice per year, including electronic waste)

Four special community clean-up events per year

Semi-Annual E-waste and Clothing drop off event

12 recycling community events per year

Eight times a year, at no additional cost, excess green waste discarded in bags will be collected upon customer request.

Four times a year, at no additional cost, excess trash discarded in bags will be collected upon customer request.

Free “Sharps” mail-back disposal program

Free roll-out services for the elderly and/or disabled, upon request

25 percent senior discount for residents 62 or older who either (1) qualifies for utility rate discounts based on financial need and is the head of household, or (2) generates small amounts of waste and uses 32-gallon containers.

Additional Services Available Upon Request

Scooter Service (1) – For any customer requesting this service or if it’s determined that resident will be required to use this service when collection vehicles cannot safely access the containers

Roll-out/backyard service: This service means the driver will retrieve carts from your yard, dispose of your unwanted materials, and return the empty carts back to your yard.

(1)Please Note: The County will work with each customer, HOA, and Franchisee to determine what constitutes a difficult to services area.

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