Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Aerial pics

Sent to me by the La Vina FireSafe Council:

Millard Canyon:
The lower left of the picture shows Chapman Ct, Church Canyon and our water tanks. The fire breaks under the power lines and along the ridges were newly cut or expanded. It appears that some of the upper reaches of Millard Canyon burned, but that otherwise, Millard Canyon seems to have been spared.
JPL is at the lower left. The JPL east parking lot is lower middle. La Vina is to the upper right. The Meadows is just above the middle of the picture. Millard Canyon runs between the Meadows and La Vina. El Prieto Canyon runs to the west (left) of the Meadows.

El Prieto Canyon:
The lower right is part of the Meadows. The pink line of trees and shrubs I think is El Prieto Canyon and the coloration is from Phos-Chek. The road, running left to right near the bottom is Gravelia St. I believe the trail you can see to the left of the picture is the popular fire road leading towards Brown Mountain

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