Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Update Date on Public Works and Edison

I received this email from Carolyn Seitz.  In it she mentions that County Public Works is addressing the debris at the roads.

As of 1 pm today, Southern California Edison is indicating that there were still 1,504 customers without power, not all of them in Altadena.

They have also revised the total number of people who were without power to 433,945.  Of that number, approximately 12,000 people are in Altadena.

Edison crews are now said to be going block by block to make sure power has been restored to everyone.

If you are still without power, please let me know ASAP.

If any of you still see downed power lines in your yard or anywhere nearby, please let me know ASAP and provide the address, your name and the best phone number to reach you.

As you can see by the mountains of debris piled up along roadways, there is still an enormous amount of cleanup left to do, but that too, is in process and the County Department of Public Works is making excellent progress.

Please continue to stay vigilant, stay connected to your neighbors and your neighborhoods.  It's made a big difference for all of us in the effort to maintain a safe environment even under difficult circumstances.

Thank you all for being so resilient and for finding optimism and making courage even when it wasn't so easy!

Take care of yourselves and as always, stay safe!

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