Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Contractor Referrals and Other Vendors

Neighbors are asking for any good general contractor referrals for repairs to be done after the windstorm.

Here's some vendors that I use and refer all the time. Please know that some are licensed and some are not.

You're welcome to use my name as you may get a better price.

1. Trash Hauling: Claudio 626-485-3569

2. Painting: Jose Vazquez 310-930-1162

3. Trees:  Gomez Trees 818-718-7470 and Steven's Trees 626-794-6911

4. Electric: Rick Beck 951-544-8699

5. Chimney Repair: Greg Sylvis 626-449-6118

6. Concrete, Wall, Tile, Painting, Fences, All Around Great Handyman:  Manuel Flores 626-818-1204

7. Roofing: Garvey Roofing 626-358-9208

8. Concrete, Landscaping Contractor: Kevin Sheridan 909-392-2092

9. Window Screens: Screen Mobile 800-500-9336

10: Plumbing: Mike Haddad 626-305-9348

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