Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Assistance Needed to Remove Oak Tree

Sonja, a neighbor on Risinghill, had huge Oak tree limbs fall into her neighbor's yard.  The estimates to remove them are over $5000.  There's also a chance she'll need to remove other trunks on the tree at additional costs.  Here's her message and pics of the tree:

"Hello, I have a very large section of my Oak Tree in my neighbor's backyard. Not sure how we are going to take care of removal and perhaps the rest of the tree too due to possible root damage. Any financial help would be a appreciated. I can be contacted at 791-8865."


SONJA said...

If you look close, at one of the photos, the you can see Eli Adams on his roof cutting the branches away from his house. Scary!!

David Coscia said...

Make sure you contact the Fire Dept about an oak tree permit; don't want to get in troupble; http://fire.lacounty.gov/forestry/EnvironmentalReview_SelectAnOTPApplication.asp

David Coscia said...

Contact Los Angeles County Fire Dept about an oak tree permit before you do anything to the tree. http://fire.lacounty.gov/forestry/EnvironmentalReview_SelectAnOTPApplication.asp

Anonymous said...

Here is the direct contact info to the guy in Forestry who issues the oak tree permits:

Bill Romo (818) 890-5719

jane s