Friday, December 23, 2011

Sherrif Talked to Solicitor

The Sheriff did talk to the young man who was knocking on doors last night.  He was trying to sell magazine or newspaper subscriptions. (That could be a scam too.) He was not scoping out houses for potential break-ins.

I described the experiences that many neighbors told me about to the Sheriff, including the young man asking for money, claiming he was from neighborhood Watch and that his mother lived on Canyon Dell.

The Sheriff also said that door-to-door solicitation is not unlawful.

The Sheriff encourages us to continue calling them if we see unusual activity in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I am confused....I thought that in Altadena soliciting was illegal? So I guess the cops think these kids are indeed selling mags? Why do we so often feel like they let things slip by??? js

Brian & Wenlan said...

When we spoke with the young man in question during our evening walk on Thursday (12/22) he also told us that he was trying to sell some kind of periodicals. That struck us as odd, since we were pretty sure he was the same guy we saw Tuesday evening (12/20) pitching a Neighborhood Watch story.

Another neighbor we spoke with told us that the solicitor had specifically given his name as "Adam" and his addres as 4011 Canyon Dell.

Welcome to The Meadows said...

Highly unlikely that he lives at that address.

Anonymous said...

I am still confused. On what basis did the Sheriff determine that he was NOT scoping out houses???? Sounds like a line to make us all shut up. I am NOT buying it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone taken a photo of the guy? That would seemingly discourage him if he knew he was being photographed.

Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose the sheriff doesn't find it suspicious that the kid tells so many different conflicting stories? It's pretty aggravating. I can only hope we scared him/them off.
Can anyone confirm that soliciting is illegal here?

j5 said...

My wife actually ordered the pasadena star news from him. I was not sure about the legitimacy of the sale so I asked her to cancel the check.

I have now decided he maybe legit, as the last two days, I have gotten the star news. I feel bad for being paranoid, but it seemed risky.