Friday, December 09, 2011

Green Debris Removal

From the County. Sounds like downed branches on the street need to be readied for the County to pick them up.

Green Debris Removal

A systematic green debris removal process is now underway in the unincorporated communities of Altadena, La Crescenta, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Temple City, Monrovia and Arcadia. The County’s local waste haulers have doubled their crew and equipment to meet the increase in refuse.  Residents are asked to place their green debris out on the parkway and it will be picked up on your regular trash day. The green debris should be light enough to be picked up manually and small material should be bagged or boxed. Please keep green debris off the road and place it on the parkway to avoid localized flooding during the forecasted rains.

Local waste haulers in unincorporated areas have also coordinated with the LA County Public Works Department and the Department of Parks and Recreation to offer the additional free debris drop-off events.

The times and locations of the free tree debris drop-off events are:

  • Altadena and Kinneloa Mesa:

Hauler – Athens Services (888) 336-6100

Location – Charles Farnsworth Park (lower parking area), 568 East Mount Curve Ave., Altadena

Dates - Saturday (Dec 10) and Sunday (Dec 11) 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any information on who is responsible for a multi-trunk Oak Tree on my property that has fallen, into my neighbor's back yard? No structural damage to either home... The removal of the 2 trunks has been estimate at $1200-$5800. The other 3 are still in question, might have to remove them also at additional cost.

Neither person's Insurance will cover the cost, which has been quoted have had about 5 estimates.

Will appreciate any information you might have.

Thank you.

Welcome to The Meadows said...

I've heard a couple of things but they're not verified.

1. Insurance companies are only paying for the removal of trees if they caused damage to a structure.

2. Typically, a property owner has the right to remove a neighboring property's branches that extend over their own property as long as the tree's health is not impaired.

3. Since these trees have actually fallen, I'd encourage the two neighbors to share the cost. If agreement can't be found, it becomes a dispute between neighbors.

4. fyi - The County won't help out either for trees on private property.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Greg,

I was hoping for another answer, this is what the Insurance companies told us too, so it does not come as a surprise more a confirmation.

Has there been any talk that you have heard of, for State financial aid or a grant? If an area has been declared a disaster areas doesn't hat make us eligible for some support

Welcome to The Meadows said...

Since the Gov. declared a state of emergency, cities and Counties now have access to other funds. You may want to call County Field office to see if anything is available: 626-356-5407

Anonymous said...

To anonymous...I would HIGHLY suggest getting multiple quotes....and/or buying a chain saw! The price quotes you received seem astronomical to me! They may be charging a steep fee to grind up the trunks. You can ask them to cut the trees flush to the ground...and then you can drill holes into the remaining section and cover them with compost. Keep them moist and they will rot away. This can save you a bunch of money. Good luck! Jane S

Anonymous said...

I am in my 60'sm, a chainsaw is out of the question for me to handle, any volunteers??... I know what you are saying, and I have had and and still working on estimates. Meanwhile I have a huge Oak tree in my neighbor's back yard..

He's not a young man and it is difficult for him to deal with... I would like to remove the tree from his yard and at the same time do not want to pay what seems to be about $2500..

In this time of distress, it would be really great to get some help.. It is an unbelievable sight to see...

Great picture for the Star News...anybody interested is welcome to see this...let me know..

SONJA said...

Thanks Jane, have looked into every possibility, not decided on any yet...