Friday, December 30, 2011

Road Rage for Hikers?

This note came in from a neighbor:

"Yesterday afternoon I took the dog for a walk and was heading up El Prieto Road. A black car came speeding in reverse down the driveway from above the cul de sac and was headed straight for me.  I moved around to get out of the way, but it turned and kept heading at me as I scrambled some more to get out of the way. 

I finally cleared the backing, turning car as it stopped.  I went around to the side and saw that the driver was looking at her phone in her lap texting.  I got her attention and asked if she even saw me. 

She said that this is a private drive and people don't have a right to be hiking on it.  I said that this a public street that I'm on.  She said that this is a private drive and a private cul de sac and that this is what people who live up here need to do.  I asked her if she meant backing into people.  At that point she waggled her finger at me and sped back up the drive to the last house on the right before the Lincoln Avenue Water Company gate and went into the house.

I was rather shocked.  Be aware when hiking up there."


Anonymous said...

Wow. I am surprised she pulled the "private drive" comment....there is a court order that gives the public a right to use this walkway - and she knows that is she is one of the home owners. I don't think the judge who issued this ruling would be very happy to hear about this. Jane S.

Ray B. said...

That lady better watch out. Jane S.' comment has it right about the public's right to use what is, in fact, a private driveway shared by three homeowners.
Seems to me that what is described here could be considered assault with a deadly weapon!

Anonymous said...

I Agree, we all should take a hike there together.
She is living in a wrong neighborhood

BeautifulDay said...

Hey there...I know this post is close to a month old but I HAD to respond. To the neighbor who wrote the original post...I was asking myself if I had written this because the EXACT same thing occurred with me during a morning walk with my dog. This same woman came "Speed Racering" up El Prieto and almost hit me...mind you...I was crossing from one side of the street to the other. I screamed at the top of my lungs for her to slow down...she was oblivious! I was going to write her a not but I was so angry that I knew it wouldn't come from a "place of love". Now after reading your post (and comments), I think I will. I've posted before how it baffles me that people who do and don't live up here drive like bats out of hell..they will not be satisfied until they hit/kill someone's pet OR child heave forbid!

Day Ryan (from Rising Hill Road)