Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Debris Clean-up Update

Greetings to you all,

At tonight's Altadena Town Council meeting, Edel Vizcarra from Supervisor Antonovich's office and Luis Sanchez from Athens Services answered questions from the Town Council members and provided some information on the clean up effort in Altadena.

Both the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and Athens Services have been in the community 7 days a week since the windstorm that began on November 30th.

Here are some things both the County and Athens would like for you to know:

1.    Some people have been cleaning up their yards and just dumping the debris from the windstorm on the street or parkway in front of their homes.  Some have had others cleaning their yards and those hired to help, or their regular gardeners are continuing to dump debris in the street or on the parkway.  That activity has been observed and the County and Athens request that we all take action to stop that practice.

2.    Athens will continue to pick up green waste in your green waste cart with the trucks specifically constructed for automated pickup of those carts.  They will also continue to pick up bagged green waste - often in a different truck since the drivers don't have time to empty your cart and then refill it on the spot with your bagged debris.  You will also see both Athens and the County's Department of Public Works crews picking up bundled tree limbs and twigs and bundled palm fronds. 

3.    You may see Athens by-pass large bundles or large tree limbs either because they're too heavy for the driver to manage safely or because the bundle or size of the limb is too large for the equipment available and when that happens, you'll see Public Works crews dealing with those larger items because their crews have chain saws with them and they can reduce the size of the tree trunks, limbs and branches to make pick up easier. 

4.    A number of people have complained about having to call Athens to let Athens know they will have extra green waste to be picked up.  Please continue to call Athens to let them know you're putting extra green waste out for pick up because it helps them know how much equipment to stage for your area's pick-up day.  They have had extra trucks up here dealing with all of their routes and will continue to have extra equipment up here until all of Altadena has been cleaned up.  It may be an inconvenience to you to make that call but please understand - THIS EXTRA GREEN WASTE REMOVAL IS NOT PART OF YOUR 4 TIMES A YEAR BULKY ITEM OR LARGE ITEM PICK UP.  The windstorm was an exceptional event, so you do not need to be concerned that you will lose your opportunity to extra pickups as were accommodated in the County's Franchise Agreement with Athens.

5.    Please help your neighborhood be cleaned up by helping those not able sweep up and bag the small green waste that is most likely going to migrate with the next rain.  Any help for those who need help would be greatly appreciated and it will help us get Altadena's streets cleaned that much quicker.

6.    It will still take weeks to get the streets fully cleaned and all of the green waste picked up.  Many thanks for all of the effort many of you have made to be in service to others, and many thanks to all for being willing to exercise patience.

If you have questions or are not certain about what to do about green waste, please let me know.  If I can't answer your questions myself, I'll help be responsible for getting an answer.


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