Monday, October 01, 2007

Two Reports of Hunters on Risinghill

I've had two reports from neighbors about hunters on Risinghill.

The first was Friday when a neighbor encountered them at the very top near Ted's place. They were blocking the road. When told they weren't allowed to hunt, they stated that they were allowed. The were civil to the neighbor. The neighbor called the Sheriff's station and were told that the hunters were allowed and they would not be sending anyone up to the site.

Today, I received another call. This time the hunters were at the end of Risinghill (before the climb to Ted's) and headed in behind the houses. The neighbor yelled to scare two deer away. He also confronted the hunters and called the Sheriffs. Again he was told that they were allowed.

Does anyone have information from last year when the Fish and Game and Sheriffs posted the No Hunting signs on lower Canyon Crest?

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