Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hunter Rules Clarification

Thanks to a neighbor who provided this clarity regarding where hunters can and can not hunt:

The rules are all about the proximity to houses, roads and trails when the weapon is being discharged. The hunters were banned from hunting in the canyon because the proximity to roads and homes did not allow any room for hunting down there. Up the hill and into the National Forest is legal - but they should not be discharging the weapons on or across the trails.

When they are seen near the homes on Risinghill - are they just hiking in to get into the woods - or hunting on the hillside behind the homes? That would likely not be legal. (Editor's note: In the latest case, the hunters were only seen carrying their bows and entering into the brush behind homes on Risinghill.)

The biggest issue is that these guys are pretty inconsiderate about the concerns of the community, have a sense of entitlement and are carrying weapons. The sheriff doesn't want to get involved. If the homeowners don't want them crossing their property lines to access the forest - they should make that clear to the hunters. It amazes me that they keep coming back here when the must feel so unwelcome.


Anonymous said...

I am Marina, Ted's tenant at 4950 Risinghill. I apologize I haven't been able to attend the community meetings. Re the hunter(s), I'm at my wits end as to what to do. I leave them notes telling them they can't park up here, I yell at them, I confront them and remind them it is illegal to hunt. But nothing. The sheriff have proven useless. Someone have any advice? I see them drive up at about 5-5:30 AM, and it scares me that I can't take my dogs out for their morning hike for fear these idiots will shoot me or the dogs. Can I put "no hunting" signs up? Advice someone, anyone, please. Thank you!

MaryEllen said...

It's not illegal for them to hunt there. They can't hunt near your house or on your property, but the areas above and behind Risinghill are legal hunting areas. This is why it is a VERY bad idea to feed or interact with the deer around here - it makes it very easy for the hunters when the deer don't have any fear of humans. That's probably one of the main reasons they keep coming here.

As for not being shot, wear bright clothes and make a lot of noise. Not only will it make it obvious that you are not a deer, it might scare the actual deer away so the hunters can't get them!