Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Edison Update

From tonight's neighborhood meeting, Dave Ford, Region Manager of Local Public Affairs, and Mike Perez, District Operations Manager, provided an update on SCE efforts that effect The Meadows. It was a very good, spirited exchange of information. In the end, we agreed to work together to address the issues faced by The Meadows. This was a wonderful next step in establishing team effort between The Meadows residents and SCE. Here's some highlights:

  • Some poles and transformers servicing our area date back to 1933
  • Critters climbing poles and lines, particularly squirrels that gnaw on conductors, have been a source of outages in the San Gabriel Mountain areas.
  • When in a power outage, SCE crews work 32 hours straight with 8 hour breaks.
  • There are plans for 2008 to address overloading of lines and circuits. This involves reducing the load of 4kv circuits (which we have) to circuits that carry higher loads. When the cut-over happens, there are planned outages. The result is a balancing of the load that then provides more reliability to the circuit.
  • The group discussed perceived plans for upgrading the Fair Oaks Substation. More information to follow.
  • The group agreed that it is a team effort to resolve power supply issues in The Meadows and will continue to build the relationship.
  • Underground placement of lines is addressed as the budget allows.
  • Contact information was shared between The Meadows and David Ford.
  • As a bonus, residents received new energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs along with informational materials. I have extra if you want them

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