Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FireSafe Council Update - Clearing Nears

The required archeological study for our project has been completed and all Forest Service requirements are met. The biological report was submitted but lacked a project description. When that is submitted, approval is expected soon, possibly by the time this newsletter goes to press. These studies are required by law before a project can be started. Also, further grant monies will not be released until these studies are done and approved.

The date for our town meeting has been tentatively set for November 13 at 7 PM. The agenda for the meeting will include updates on the Meadows’ Fire Safe project, discussion of steps that should be taken within the Meadows community itself, and will offer an opportunity to meet with vendors who can be contracted to do the necessary trimming and removal of fire hazards.

Funds left over after having removed brush from the fire-prone areas surrounding the Meadows will be applied to removal and/or trimming of trees within the community. Priority will be given to mitigating hazards that might impede access and egress in the event of a fire, and removing trees that are in danger of falling. Such projects, however, will not be undertaken without the respective landowner’s permission.

The town meeting will also provide an opportunity for residents to meet with contractors that will be working in the area and thus provide an opportunity to get desired work on vegetation done at reduced cost.

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