Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Meadows Must See Meeting

We had a great Meadows meeting tonight. The following posts highlight the information shared. Here's a miscellaneous recap:

Sussy Nemer, our go-to-person for L.A. County was in attendance. She's an amazing resource and effective Senior Deputy that has done well by The Meadows.

  • She listened to concerns about the Canyon Crest and Lincoln intersection and will pursue with her contacts regarding speed reduction at the intersection.
  • We asked her to pursue the removal of the 30-year+ camper parked at the top of El Prieto. She stated that campers, boats, trailers, etc. that are inoperative can not be left on driveways.
  • We also asked her to address driveways that are being used as storage units.

The group agreed to resurrect the calling trees in light of the recent North Lake brush fire. We'll be asking neighbors for the following:

  • Cell, home and/or business phone numbers to contact in case of emergencies
  • Identifying anyone needed medical or evacuation assistance
  • location of gas shut-off valves

The following folks will take up the cause:

  • Aralia: Amish
  • Canyon Dell: Percy
  • El Prieto: Angie and Ike
  • Hollygrove: Mark
  • Canyon Crest: Jeannie
  • Still need persons for Gravelia, Sunmore and Risinghill

Please let me know if you can help coordinate.

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