Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Lost Dog

Believe me, I don't mind these postings - just curious why we've had so many lost animals here in The Meadows?

Here's the latest:

"found a lost terrier - female - small - on Aralia rd. - if anyone wants to claim her - call me at 626 665 4443 - ask for Sonny"

Thanks Sonny!


SonnyMalone said...

UPDATE: Dog ate and slept well - we are taking her to the vet today to see if she has that chip in her - and to see if the vet recognizes her - then we are putting up the 'found dog' posters. But still no calls to me about her.

SonnyMalone said...

UPDATE: We found the dog's owners since the dog had the microchip thing - but they were just going to give her back to the Humane Society. So we adopted her :)