Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aveson School Presentation

I attended the Aveson School Meet and Greet this evening at Loma Alta Park.

A presentation was given regarding their mission, curriculum, demographics and prospective plans for expanding into the commercial building at Lincoln and Altadena.

Their charter includes focusing on the northwest Altadena area and they emphasized wanting to be part of the community.

A Q&A was held also. Most common discussion was the timing of "drop-off" times and its impact on traffic. Caution was raised as to the speed at which drivers come down Lincoln.

Also discussed was its proximity to George's Liquor store. Points were made that the owner's of George's are responsible business owners and that Odyssey Charter has not experienced any issues.  The owner of George's also pointed out that he has owned the business for 23 years with no incidents.

Neighbors were asked for input in how Aveson can be part of the community.  It was mentioned that the area is known for nature, hiking, and equestrian facilities.  Also raised was the number of senior citizens who could be involved in the discussion with students.

Overall, those attending appeared to be very supportive of Aveson occupying the space.

More information about the school can be found at

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