Thursday, May 06, 2010

Update on Trails

Some input from a Meadows resident about the status of the trails:

"An April 10th posting on the Meadows blog asked about trails in the burn area. Please advise readers that according to the US Forest Service, an Angeles Forest Closure Order issued in September 2009 closed the entire Station Fire burn area through SEPTEMBER 30, 2010. A copy of the order may be found here:

A call to the USFS local office (626-574-1613) confirmed that the above order remains in effect, and is subject to extension. Only residents or owners who reside WITHIN THE BURN AREA, government officials, or persons/organizations that have been issued permits by the USFS are allowed in the burn area. Areas off-limits include upper/lower El Prieto, Millard, and Brown mountain. The USFS and Sheriff continue to regularly patrol both on land and by air; large penalty and possible jail time imposed on violators. Readers may find more information here:

Current Closures

Angeles Forest Closure Orders

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claudia said...

Here is the letter I received in return for expressing my concerns:

Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the El Prieto Trail.

As you're probably aware the El Prieto Trail is utilized by the AC100 Endurance Race and is located within the Station Fire Recovery Closure Order. Therefore any trail work accomplished is authorized by the Forest Service.

On April 24, AC100 Race work party conducted minor trail reconstruction work on the El Prieto Trail based upon the goal of creating a safe travelway for the AC100 Race event and meeting the following objectives (1) establish missing trail segments with existing trail segments, (2) designate a travel way across drainage and (3) any other trail reconstruction work that makes the trail safe for use.

On May 8, I conducted an the ground review based upon your expressed concerns (Humboldt Lilly and "they knew nothing, or at least did nothing, to make it a maintainable trail. In fact, many portions of the trail are begging for washout due to improper drainage. Grades, even where not passing through the creek, often approach 50%").

According to our Botanist the Humboldt Lilly is a watch list species, which means we try to protect them when we can. This new requirement is duly noted and will be adhered to in any future El Prieto Trail projects.

The work accomplished by AC100 Race work party completed the first phase of El Prieto Trail restoration and met the goal and objectives as agreed upon by AC100 Race Trail Boss, Hal Winton and myself.

The next phase will be to improve El Prieto Trail, to a maintainable trail. No timeframe has been established since we're conducting trail condition surveys of all trails impacted by the Station Fire.

As previously mentioned, this trail is located within the Station Fire Recovery Closure Order therefore we would appreciate your assistance informing everyone that the following act is prohibited within the Station Fire Recovery Area of the Angeles National Forest (3) Being on any National Forest System trail within the Station Fire Recovery Area. This Order is effective for October 1, 2009 until September 30, 2010.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Howard S. Okamoto
Recreation Officer
R5, Angeles NF, Los Angeles River RD
12371 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road
San Fernando, CA 91342
818-899-1900 ext 229