Monday, May 10, 2010

Lower Canyon Crest Blocked by Tree Removal

The removal or trimming of an Oak tree is blocking Canyon Crest Rd.

Earlier this afternoon, I came up on the downed tree.  The owners of the house (I'm assuming they're the owners) directed me onto their driveway and around the tree.

Now, at 5:30 p.m., I've received two calls from neighbors who can't get in or out of The Meadows.  One stated that the traffic was backed up.

Not sure if the owners are still directing the traffic.

I called the Sherrif to come and assist.

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robert said...

My wife and I were directing traffic until the county crew showed up. We are the neighbors of the property on the east side of Canyon Crest, from which the tree limb fell. The tree had two main branches. The first fell as you were passing (I recognized you), then the second fell and nearly hit the county crew. Luckily, no passersby were hurt, as well. Thats why the traffic was stopped up at 5:30PM.
The tree had the oak fungus and was rotten inside. If you have an oak on your property, a botanist can check for fungus, before it falls. A weakened tree can't readily be determined until its too late. The fire department can assist with condemning an oak tree, or pruning one. They are protected and require a permit to trim or cut down. Hope this helps.