Friday, April 30, 2010

Trail Work Group?

I had a request on the blog asking if anyone would be interested in forming a trail work group?

If interested, just comment to this post with your name, email and phone.  I won't publish that information, but will send a separate email to connect everyone.


Ray said...

I would definitely be interested. At the present time my interest is primarily with Inspiration Trail (which is on private property). We would need Forest Service approval to work on the canyon trail prior to the forest being opened to the public (October 1?) Also, if we're going to do it right, some major engineering challenges are in the offing.

I would also be willing to head up such a group and serve as its coordinator.

You can put my name and address on the blog:
Ray Backes
4520 El Prieto Road

Ray said...

It would be good for any persons who wish to do trail work to view the excellent set of videos that CORBA has produced. See them at

Lazziblogger said...

By the way, I may or may not have been on a run in the canyon this weekend and noted that the trail is in excellent condition. In the past few weeks, someone has graded a very nice trail and added rocks to delineate the path in the more open areas. There are one or two tight spots, but nothing like it was over the winter. Great job, whoever did that work.

SonnyMalone said...

Non related comment - found a lost terrier - female - small - on Aralia rd. - if anyone wants to claim her - call me at 626 665 4443 - ask for Sonny