Saturday, April 10, 2010

Question About Trails

Anyone  have some input to this question that was posted to the blog?

"When will the trails that go up to Millard Canyon, Upper and Lower El Preito trails and Brown Mountain (be opened)?  The trails start next to JPL at the large parking lot next to the JPL entrance. There is a big sign that says the trails are closed since the fires. Does anyone know when they will be opened to walk or who to call to check?"


J Szabo said...

According to my memory - the Forest Service issued a closure of the Angeles Forest burn area through September, 2010. According to attorney Paul Ayers, this closure protects them from liability in case someone is injured due to rock slide, or falling from an eroded trail or otherwise if they are using the trails in the burn area during the closure. There is no guarantee that the closure will not be re-issued at that it theoretically could be "closed" for years until plants regrow, trails are repaired, etc.

Anonymous said...

The word is and has always been that the forest is closed until September 2010. I suppose that could change though.

Ray said...

The following is quoted from the website for the AC-100 race from Wrightwood to Johnson Park
. But note that they want only volunteers who are also signed up for the race and have been trained for trailwork.

AC100 News as of 3-30-2010.

Schedule for First 2010 AC100 Trail Work Day:
El Prieto Trail Work, 7 AM April 24th Saturday.
Meet at Hahamongna Park Ball Baseball Field parking lot.
For driving directions go to the AC100 web site and use the 2009 Training Run and Trail Work Schedule. The Trail Work has been approved by the USFS as we begin the process of preparing the trails for the 2010 race.

The Forest Service plans to re-open the Station Fire burn areas when it safe, except the Arroyo above JPL. We are approved to work on the El Prieto Trail on April 24th.