Friday, April 09, 2010

Filming on Canyon Crest Sun. & Mon.

I heard from a neighbor on lower Canyon Crest that he received notice of planned filming at 3720 Canyon Crest.  Prep work will start Sunday, April 11 and filming on Monday, April 12.

This is the second time this year that The Meadows was not included in the notification as required by code restrictions that were added several years ago.

After talking to a very uncaring production person, I talked to Supervisor Antonovich's office who had Film L.A. contact me.  He stated it was an oversight on their part.  I reminded him that we had a similar conversation in February. He is exploring some way to ensure that we are notified in the future, however, they don't seem to have a working process in place to guarantee that.

They're filming a commercial.  Hopefully it won't be too inconvenient for us.

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Lazziblogger said...


Because we are always going to be a spec on the County film commission's radar, the best way to deal with this might be to help ourselves.

When these companies film at someone's house, they have to negotiate with the homeowner. If anyone is approached by a filming company to use their property, we should demand that the film company notify all of The Meadows as part of the terms of the agreement they reach.

We are the ones who care most about this issue and as long as they're filming on private property, there's a chance for one of us to help all the others that are going to be inconvenienced by the filming.

I know that not everyone will care about everyone else, but those of us that do can help somewhat.