Friday, August 28, 2009

Station Fire / Meadows Update

(pics from El Prieto Rd perspective)

As we head into the evening, here's some observations about the fire and its impact to The Meadows. Please know this is only observation from neighbors as specific information from a variety of sources has been hard to obtain.

From El Prieto Side: the fire crested a peak northwest of Little Roundtop. (The peak to the northwest visible from the Meadows. Brown Mountain is not from here; it is farther east, farther north, and higher). This still is not immediately threatening to The Meadows. Both water and chemical plane drops were performed which quickly turned dark smoke to white. A chemical drop was also performed down El Prieto Canyon presumably as a precaution. From a perspective at the very top of El Prieto, the fire continues to appear west of us.

From the access to El Prieto: Flames can still be seen from the mountains above La Canada and in the mountainside almost directly north of The Meadows. Again, not immediately impacting us.

From Risinghill: One can see flames at the ridge on the mountains above and in the canyons below the mountains, but again not immediate threat to The Meadows.

A consensus opinion is that since the fire is not immediately threatening homes, it is being allowed to burn to reduce the fuel and quickly followed by water and chemical drops.

Crime: As posted earlier, the Sheriffs are patrolling the neighborhood. Please be vigilant of unusual activity and call the Sherrif (626-798-1131) as we continue to have many unknown cars coming into the neighborhood.

Please let me know of any other information you may have. Again, this is mainly observation from residents of The Meadows.

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