Monday, August 31, 2009

Pics from Saturday

From Sunday afternoon, pics from a Meadows resident. Sorry, I'm sure these are uploading out of order from the description.

The fires west of El Prieto Rd seem to be out (there was one spot of open fire at noon, but by 1:20 PM there was only smoke there). There is a lot of activity (ground crews and airdrops) above La Vina.
837 – view from my backyard ~11:50 AM
840 – view from the trailhead in the lower part of El Prieto Rd (facing west) ~1:20 PM
845 – view from the same point (facing southwest). That’s where I saw the last burning spot around noon.
847 – top of El Prieto Rd ~1:30 PM. Note the burned spot.
864, 867 – view from the vantage point above El Prieto Rd above the end of Risinghill Rd. Taken ~1:45 PM
869, 870, 876 – views from the top of Risinghill Rd. and the trail (facing northeast). Taken ~2 PM.

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