Sunday, August 30, 2009

MFSC Sunday Morning Update

I drove over to Lincoln and Loma Alta this morning. Per the Sherriff, no further activity in The Meadows last night. Very smoky outside this morning. Still not allowing people into The Meadows. (Per J. Lopez this morning, we're still evacuated.)

Per a neighbor, all but a skeleton crew of firefighters pulled out of The Meadows at 7:30 p.m. (Not verified with the Fire Department.)

Per a neighbor, the fire did come into The Meadows on the vacant land on the west of Risinghill Road at the top of the road but was extinguished by the flame retardant that was dropped repeatedly over the hill.

Also, per a neighbor, Theo's house at the very top of Risinghill was protected by fire crews.

If anyone has other updates, please email to me.
Meadows FireSafe Council


Anonymous said...

As a 1950's Meadows resident and survivor of the Woodwardia Fire, I hope someone told any dozer operators going up Little Brown Mountain that Owen Brown's grave stone is on top of it. Dozer operators didn't know in the Woodwardia Fire, and rolled the stone down to the fire road below. It top many Meadows kids with there wagons to get it back up on top of Little Brown Mountain. Exact location of the grave was not known, but the grave stone was at least in kind of close proximity!

john r said...

and whatever did happen to that gravestone?> i grew up at the end of risinghilll. moved away 15 years ago. family is still there. as kids we loved hiking up to the grave stone. but sometime in the late 90s or early 2000s the wood fence and headstone disappeared. very sad.