Thursday, August 27, 2009

La Canada Station Fire

Have been trying to round up information on the La Canada Fire. As of this post, here's what I know:
1. The fire is 300 acres burning North
2. It has come over the ridge towards La Canada
3. Updates should be on momentarily.

Here's an email from JPL but this does have old information. May be from yesterday:

The Station Fire which ignited three to four miles northwest of JPL late yesterday afternoon has burned less than 100 acres. The fire is burning in rough terrain with heavy brush which has resulted in a large visible plume of smoke.

Fortunately, the wind is blowing at only five to eight miles per hour towards the north-northwest. The fire is not currently posing a threat to JPL. We anticipate that the Angeles Crest Highway (2) will remain closed throughout the day and evening. The JPL Fire Department is providing assistance to the U.S. Forest Service which is using the MESA to service its water dropping helicopters. Plans are for the helicopters to remain on the MESA throughout the night.

We are continuing to monitor the fire’s size and direction of burn for any appreciable changes.

Any updates will be communicated by email; or, the Emergency Public Address System or the Emergency Communication System.Due to the Station Fire and the Morris fire, both burning in the San Gabriel Mountains, air quality is expected to be poor today and for the next two or three days. Local temperatures are forecast to reach over 100. JPL personnel are advised to use caution during activities outdoors in smoky conditions.

All JPL personnel, especially those with heart or respiratory disease, are advised to avoid non-essential prolonged vigorous outdoor activity and to limit time spent outdoors when smoke is visible or the odor is present. Individuals with medical conditions sensitive to smoke exposure should monitor their condition and should continue taking their prescribed medications. Those who have asthma should keep their “as needed” medications or inhalers with them at all time. JPL personnel who must work outdoors should drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and rest indoors as needed.Office of Protective Services

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2007 Blue Book of Electric Guitars said...

Has anyone found maps of the fire? I'm on the North face of Mt. Lukens and wondering how far the fire is from my house?