Sunday, March 08, 2009

Street Number Curb Painting Help!

From a neighbor: Does anyone know how to contact these folks?

I was wondering if either of you knew how to get a hold of the outfit that just came through the Meadows recently offering to paint the address numbers on the curb. This particular outfit called themselves Curb Appeal & actually painted the numbers on our curb incorrectly, which I noticed too late (they painted 4345 instead of 4354), after I'd already given them the check for $15.

I didn't keep the flier they left & have not been able to find them through directory assistance or on the Internet. Just trying to get them to come back & correct their mistake

Any help you can lend me, or perhaps in finding another outfit to correct their error, would be greatly appreciated

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Anonymous said...

Help! I am in the same boat, They painted the address, but did not put the painted dog on there, paid them 20. cash and got the 15.00 job, Not sure how to get a hold of them. Cannot find them in the directory .