Wednesday, March 04, 2009

LAFD Fire Alerts

From our TownCouncilperson:

With what has been called one of the best on site alerts for emergencies/calls that involve the Los Angeles Co. Fire Dept, you may subscribe to LAFD alerts.

The alerts range from (forgive me, not to be morbid) car accidents, building fires, a recent jump from a cliff, chlorine spills-anything that will call the fire dept out may be sent out as a brief alert. You will get an alert before the news hears and reports out.

Where I care is when fire happens. This is immediate, on site, and probably the best immediate source of emerging information for those who want it as it develops. Because this is so immediate, there is a note that the alerts are NOT meant to replace official instructions or calls for action. So far the amount of emails have not been overwhelming. I suspect that may change when a fire erupts...but for me, that is ok. In those situations, I want all the info I can get.

Below are instructions should you want to sign up. You can also read their blog.--Alice Wessen, Altadena Town Council

LAFD_ALERT messages are *not* official instructions or authorization to take action. We do not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of LAFD_ALERTs. Do not reply to this message. After-action reports of significant incidents can be found at: For further information - or to join LAFD_ALERT: unsubscribe from LAFD_ALERT, send email

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