Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hunter Update

From our TownCouncil Rep:

Dear Neighbors:
Please know that there have been sightings where the Millard Canyon water tank is and at the end of Risinghill road in the Meadows area of illegal hunting/poaching activities. Call the sheriffs immediately at 626-798-1131.

Watch for: camouflage hunting blinds, snares, traps, bait piles (with animal kibble, donuts, and ripe avocados and/or apples), camping gear such as foam and sleeping bags left nearby. The pattern is to place bait repeatedly in the same location for a period of weeks until local wildlife becomes accustomed to it, then lay in wait for the animal(s) one wishes to kill.

Because of prior activity from Joe Clay, who describes himself as "Black Rambo" watch for vehicles, especially a white Bronco (CA lic# 1FEC322) or any truck / van with blacked out windows parked in or near the Forest that do not appear to be hikers or that are left parked at odd hours of the night or early AM.

Use extreme caution. Clay is armed and has been known to set fires as a way to divert attention from those who might try and chase him. He has a record of game violations and a conviction. Document what you see, but do not approach him.

If you see such activity, call the sheriffs ASAP at 626-798-1131. They are aware of the recent sightings and will contact the DF&G warden as well as alert the Forest Service.

Thanks to alert neighbors in the Meadows area for working together with others in the foothill regions of Altadena.

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Ray said...

Sounds to me like the talk here is of El Prieto Canyon, not Millard Canyon.