Monday, March 16, 2009

Hunter / Bear Baiting Update

An update from a neighbor on on the bear baiting:

Hello all....
I just got this info from someone who lives in Millard Canyon responding to our reports of possible bear bait near the water tower off the fire road above Risinghill Road.

"I don't know about the donuts, but don't worry about the kibble and avocados placed there two weeks ago. They were placed there by a well-meaning man who released three raccoons there who had been caught in a trap in town. He hiked them all the way up there in order to give them a chance at freedom well away from the Angeles Crest Highway."

So, maybe what we have seen is not bear bait at all....though it does leave me wondering about the camo sleeping bag and padding, etc. that was found on the water tower itself. Is it possible that the other stuff had been there for some time and nobody noticed it until now????

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Anonymous said...

Greg - The person who left the food for the racoons reports that the sleeping bag and foam pad were NOT there when he released the racoons, AND Day on Risinghill verifies that these items were left after the initial bait sightings. So I still think it is entirely plausible that a hunter is out there....possibly taking advantage of an "existing bait station". We may never really know....but we should remain alert and report any additional findings. I also have seen a report of similar bait in the La Canada area - something is weird with all these coincidences!