Saturday, February 06, 2010

Update from Neighbor

This is a report from a neighbor on Canyon Crest before the hairpin.

"Sherriff reports road will be closed for at least a day if not more, need further inspection of roadbed. This was a very large debris flow. It sounded like thunder and shook the house here on lower Canyon Crest. Rock slide on inner lane around first curve, drive carefully (may be closed at Lincoln)."


Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if we had another way out of our neighborhood. Maybe we should all rethink whether one way in and out is really a good idea. Also, does anyone know if they're letting people walk past the damage to get to Lincoln?

Anonymous said...

I don't see any pedestrians from my view. Looks like ABC? (blue news van) arrived.

MaryEllen said...

As of 11-ish, they were not letting anyone across - there is really no way to get past.

I like only having one way in and out of the area, and since this happens very, very rarely, I don't see that it's a huge problem. And it is possible to hike into the area, although not easily. Last time my husband took the horse trail from the end of Altadena, which puts you are the far end of Canyon Dell.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff says they're letting residents only, in and out.

Anonymous said...

I parked my car out toward Lincoln and walked up. They let me and 2 others through with supervision. While I was walking up they let a car go through heading toward Lincoln; the driver said they were allowed to leave the Meadows but no one could drive in.

This seems to be changing moment by moment depending on debris clearance and sheriff's personnel.