Thursday, February 25, 2010

Filming on Lower Canyon Crest

A Subaru commercial was filmed today on lower Canyon Crest.

fyi- filming is actually restricted on Canyon Crest from Lincoln to Aralia. About ten years ago, a movie was being filmed at the hairpin turn and everyone in The Meadows was stopped from going in and out while the filming took place.

A group of us met with the L.A. Film Board and L.A. County.  The restrictions are as follows:

1. Affected residents must be notified two days in advance.  This includes ALL Meadows residents.
2. Personal vehicles of cast and crew are not permitted to park on area streets.
3. Filming is prohibited on Canyon Crest from Lincoln to Aralia.
4. Production companies must remove all trash, food, etc.
5. Smoking is prohibited.
6. An EIDC monitor (not sure what EIDC stands for) must be present at all times to ensure compliance.

Luckily, the filming didn't seem to impact us.

I talked to County and the Film Board.  The Film Board apologized for its oversight.  The production manager also called and apologized.

So, info for the future should we ever need to pursue it again.

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