Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two Incidents in Two Days

Yesterday at around 1:00 p.m., a neighbor's painter on Aralia reported to the owner via phone that several sheriff's cars were headed up Aralia and had stopped at a house near Gravelia. I called another neighbor who lives near there. She did notice one sheriffs car headed up Aralia but was busy babysitting and didn't notice any others. When I emailed the sheriff's, they had no record of a call being placed to The Meadows. The homeowner verified with his painter that the sheriff's cars were up here. I'm awaiting on another email response from the sheriffs. If you know any additional info, please let me know.

Today, another neighbor reported seeing a beat up red car (small old import like a Passat) that let a 20-something, male, new hip hop clothing and bling, out of the car mid-way up the first section of Canyon Crest after the Meadows sign. They pulled over and watched this same person walk up the hill appearing to review the mailboxes on the canyon side. They turned around to see where the red car went. It parked behind the alley of the apartments and about 5 of the same type, make and female, were hanging out. The one they let out of the car had joined them. The car has no plates and that alone seems suspicious.It was reported to the Altadena Sheriffs. The neighbors did not see the sheriffs come up as of that time. I've forwarded this info to the sheriffs for a response.

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