Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MFSC Update (or Something Got our Goat!)

Assessments by the MFSC will continue. While progress has been slower this past month, it’s still the MFSC’s intention to complete the assessments this spring.

Residents have had these common questions about the project:

1) When will the brush clearance start? The use of goats to clear the brush is being revisited due to the lack of rain this year. Plans are being adjusted to hire more crews to clear the large amounts of dead brush around us. We hope to start this effort in the spring. Tree trimming and removal will occur in the fall.
2) How will I know the outcome of the assessment? Each homeowner will receive a letter outlining the findings of the assessment and the recommended approach once all assessments are completed. Homeowners will approve (or not) the plan of action.
3) What if I haven’t heard from MFSC regarding my scheduled assessment? If you allowed permission to access your property in your absence, the MFSC may have already assessed your property. The MFSC will be sending a second letter and/or team members will be going door-to-door to schedule the remaining assessments.

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