Friday, March 02, 2007

MFSC Update, 100 Properties Assessed

To date some 100 properties have been assessed for ways to minimize the dangers associated with fire from whatever origin. In addition, approximately twenty property owners are awaiting an appointment.

Each homeowner who has not responded to the December mailing to schedule an appointment or allow access will be visited shortly by a member of the council to make sure that nobody is missed. Or, anyone who has not returned their card from the December mailing may still do so, or arrange for an appointment by calling Margaret Bridwell at (626) 798-0480.

It is important to note that these assessments do not obligate the property owner in any way. Property owners will be given the findings of the assessment (planned for April) and will approve any proposed work.

It is envisioned that goats will be brought in to graze in the eastern and northern perimeters of the Meadows in May. Later in the year, various vendors will be coming into the Meadows to trim or remove ornamental vegetation according to property-owners’ wishes. The grant monies will be used to accomplish as much clearing as possible. Additional clearing may be negotiated by the homeowner with the various vendors at anticipated discounts.

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