Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now It's a Mall!

From the Pasadena Star News, January 4, 2007

Altadena - A mini-mall planned for the corner of Altadena Drive and Lincoln Avenue will not include a check-cashing business, as had been rumored in recent weeks.

This is a repeat of news shared in a previous post. Thought these additional were worth adding:

James Dowdy, one of the owners, stated, "We're going to put in a nice shopping center, we're doing a service to the community. It's going to have a variety of things that complement each other. It's going to be a nice little place."

From Ernest Brambilla, the mall's leasing agent, "- we have some very strong interest from national tenants. We're going to have as many qualified nationals tenants as we can get. We're talking to the wireless people, video rentals, any of those sandwich people, a variety of the convenience foods....If you can think of it, we're talking to them."

Other possible tenants included a small, regional market, coffee shop and local resident.

Brambilla expected the mall would be built by mid-summer, with the first tenant leases being signed within the next few months.

In a past conversation I had with Brambilla, he is open to ideas from the community and encourages individual parties to create their own businesses for the mini-mall. As mentioned in a previous post, Dennis Bridwell, Altadena Town Councilperson is meeting with the leasing agent to ensure quality tenants.

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